Saturday, December 3, 2011

Post # 31, The Star of Bethlehem

I want to let people know about something I ran across on the Catholic EWTN TV channel a few years ago.  This has been a surprising blessing to me and I'm sure if you check it out it will be to you also.

A Christian named Fredrick Larson, who is an Attorney, was asked to prepare material for his Sunday School class.  He chose to find out what the Star of Bethlehem really was.  With the aid of computer programming he was able to turn back the stars to what they were doing in the heavens when Jesus was conceived, born, and months later when the Magi of the east arrived in Jerusalem and asked King Herod where The King of the Jews who had been born recently was located. 

Order the DVD.  It is 65 minutes and is phenomenal.  Go to


  1. This sounds so interesting. I will check it out...

  2. Very interesting indeed. A well researched and cohesive expose'. I'm sure Fredrick had no idea he was going to be able to achieve such precise dating through modern technology.
    Thank you for publishing this piece of overwhelming evidence for the truth of the existence of Jesus. I wish many many more searchers after God would come across this website.
    Blessings, Geoff.


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