Thursday, August 18, 2011

Post # 26, U.S. History

I attend an independent Bible Church.  My Sunday School class is reading a book by Brannon Howse called "Put Your Beliefs to the Test".  His web address is  On his web site he has an 82 question test that reveals whether you think like a Christian or a modern-day liberal.  I encourage you to take it.  His book has 8 main chapters.  The last is on History.  In it I found the quote of the Century.  John Adams said, "The very definition of a republic is 'an empire of laws and not of men."

My point is, the U.S. form of government is that of a Democratic Republic not of a Democracy.  A Democracy is mob rule, like unions.  We need to return to the rule of our founding documents.  We need to remove judicial tyrants who change laws instead of enforcing them.  We are a Christian Nation and we need to return to our Christian foundation.  Religious freedom is not freedom from faith but the freedom to practice your faith.