Saturday, November 12, 2011

Post # 30; NE vs. Penn State noon today 11/12/11

It is 9:14 am as I write.  The kickoff is at noon.  It is the first day of rifle deer season here in Nebraska so the countryside is full of mostly men hunters out after a trophy buck or just meat for the freezer.  Drive out into the country and you can hear cannons going off all day long. 

The pedophile scandal has been all the talk all week on TV sports talk.  The shame on Penn State Joe Paterno has allowed.  Too bad this story didn't break 10 years from now when pedophilia will be socially accepted.  The USA has lowered its moral standards to embrace same sex marriage, homosexuality, lesbianism, among other things. 

Apparently the Cornhuskers are just an 'also ran' team this year.  We'll see after the next three games.

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  1. Added thought: I am also noticing the increasing acceptance of pornography--it's snickered at and passed off as "to each his/her own". What's sad is that this outlook is being promoted by more and more women--the very sex that is most victimized by pornography. Satan truly deceives--he comes to "steal, kill and destroy". Satan delights in destroying God's perfect design for human sexuality; between one man, one woman, MARRIED TO EACH OTHER! Yes, those are CAPS, it needs to be shouted.


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