Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Post # 5, Garbage is a problem.

Joetta was driving us back to the OMS compound after dinner.  These 3 gate columns were built by the French around 1700 and marked the entrance into Cap Haitian.  This is Sunday about 2:30pm.

We are following tap-taps through town.  Notice the open storm ditch and the garbage in it.  They have no sewer system, no street lights, no garbage pick-up etc..

The garbage lays in windrows along the street like this.  Goats and cattle and dogs and rats etc. eat off it.  Can you imagine the smell in the heat of Summer?  We drove along this right after eating Dinner.

The men in hard hats were forming curb to pour concrete and the guy on the motorcycle just happened into the frame as the shutter tripped..  See the man on the right pushing a wheelbarrow?  In the US men drive pickups.  In Haiti, wheelbarrows.  All over you see 'Banks', top left of photo, no, they sell lottery tickets.

This is the beach.  Let me get my picnic basket and towels and wife and kids and lets go wading and swimming, not!  The 2 big boats on the beach are wrecks.  There is a bigger ship in the Harbor.  Notice the mountains in the background.  Haiti means land of mountains.  There is a 10,417' peak in the Dominican Republic just east of here about 50 miles.  I don't have the picture but just to the right of this, less than a half mile, they dump garbage out into the ocean and have made a peninsula out into the bay.  Why don't they take it inland and burn it?

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