Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Post # 6, Electrical Project.

This is a power pole back by the garden.  There are only 2 code 'rules'.  1. So it won't kill you.  2.  So it works.  Green is probably hot.  Colors mean nothing  and 12 gauge will carry anything any distance.  Notice the coconut tree over the wall.  If I were security here, all that green by, over, and on the wall would be gone.    The next few photos is of Lyle and I doing a temporary fix on a temporary fix until the lineman comes down and transfers all the wiring over to the new pole, but on a different pole than this one.

This is Bud's boom tractor.  We've got to go up and drill through both poles and run ready rod through to tie both poles together so we can take the binders down.  Bud needs them somewhere else.  This is a different pole than the picture above.

We have all of our tools laid out and the 'boom-tractor' is ready to go.  A previous missionary made that contraption on the forks of the loader to 'secure' the extension ladder.  It really is handy on high work.  It's fairly safe when leaned against your project.  It's a lot better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!  Ha!
A tree branch had fallen on the guy wire and snapped the pole in half because the wires were holding it firm the other way. They hurried up and set a new pole beside the broken one but haven't had the time to transfer all the connectors and wire over to the new pole.  So Bud wrapped 2 binders around it to keep it from breaking completely apart.   He wants his binders for another project so Lyle and I are on the scene.  Neil T. and Bud started out with us but got called off on some other emergency.  I believe it was a toilet that was running over.

Above.  See Bud's 2 cable binders?  See where the pole is snapped in half?

Above.  See the binders are gone and a ready rod above and below is through the poles like an arrow?  The fun part was drilling through from both sides and aligning up the holes.  Both worked first time.  That is the kind of things your prayers take care of.  I never once felt unsafe on this compound or on any of our travels.  That was because of your prayers also.  Thank you!  This job is 'safe' now until the lineman gets here to transfer it all over in a few months.
(Left)  Lyle was pointing to the worn out chisel tips on this John Deere  plow.  The plow was by the garden.  Don't you just Lovet, Lyle?  Ha!

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