Sunday, March 27, 2011

Post # 23, "Heaven Is For Real", book by Todd Burpo.

This is a must read.  The elders at our church so highly recommended we read this little book they gave everybody a copy.  My wife and I read it the first week.  I cried at every chapter.  A 4 year old boy was very sick and went to Heaven long enough to astound his parents with the stuff he started telling them, as time went by.  Visit my wife's post on her blog about it at  or go to

The apostle Paul said in 2 Cor. 4:18, "the world that we see is the temporary world, but the world we can't see is the permanent world."  Little 3 year 10 month old Colton saw the eternal world first hand and his parents didn't realize it until 4 months after he was home and well. Colton assumed everyone knew what he knew and that none of it was out of the ordinary!  Amazing!

Is what this little boy is saying true?  Is he crazy?  Or, is he lying?  You must decide!  Lord, Lunatic, Liar?


  1. I think he is all three!

  2. Oh he speaks the truth, trust me, I know. I haven't read this little book but have experienced the truth of God and know without any doubt that what is written in the scriptures is true.
    I have been following your wife's blog for some time now and for me it is a pleasure to meet you. Geoff.


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