Saturday, February 26, 2011

Post # 20, Why did the Titanic sink?

What caused the Titanic to sink?  For years I thought an ice-berg ripped a long slice in the bow of the ship opening something like 6 or 7 compartments  which is too many for the ship to survive.  It couldn't withstand the added weight of the water.

Not long ago, I saw a program on Nebraska Public TV that explained why the Titanic sank.  I was surprised.  The answer had a unique twist I wasn't aware of.

Of course we know it was claimed to be unsinkable.  The Captain ordered 'full speed ahead' even through an ice flow.  So there was some pride involved.

Before I tell you what caused the Titanic to sink I want you to know I have an analogy in mind.  The United States of America is sort of a Titanic.  I believe God allowed the Titanic to sink as a warning shot to the USA.  Proverbs says, "pride goes before destruction and haughtiness before a fall".  I also believe God allowed the 911 pilots to succeed, to the point they did, i.e., taking down the Twin Towers and hitting the Pentagon, as another 'warning shot' to our country.  The USA is full of pride.  It just killed me when when George W. Bush said he was the president of America.  No you're not, you're the president of the United States of America.  You know, that little country in the northern hemisphere in the New World, the West.  The one who shares the identity as Americans with Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America.  The USA is a small potato on the grand scheme of things.  There are only 320 million of us in a world of 6 billion +.  We haven't been a country as long as the Jews spent in slavery to the Pharaoh of Egypt.

Anyway, The Bible says, "The nation that forgets God will be turned into hell".  That is what the liberals are trying to accomplish in our country.  To get us to forget God.  Why?  Because they want to fulfill their ungodly lusts of the flesh.  You see, it's not a battle of Democrat or Republican, it's a battle of right or wrong.

The USA is the proverbial bull frog put in a pan of cold water with the fire turned on.  He's glad to see it warming up because he is getting more and more 'comfortable'.  The Bible says, "God will give you the desires of your heart, but He will send leanness to your soul."

The majority of people in the USA have common sense.  They know sex before marriage is wrong, homosexuality is a violation of nature, The Bible is the word of God, Jesus Christ is God in the flesh who visited earth 2000 years ago and died on the cross for peoples sins, that God gave the 10 commandments to Moses and the Old and New Covenant are the foundation of our Judeo-Christian heritage, that  our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence are a God given basis for our free country, and that if a free country ever abuses its freedom, that God will remove our freedom.  And many more reasons.

The USA, just like the Titanic, is not invincible!  If we keep going down the wrong road, God will destroy us.  PERIOD!

The reason the Titanic sank is because the contractor to supply the rivets substituted inferior grade steel rivets to hold the plates of steel together on the seams of the ship.  When the pressure of the ice-berg pressed against the seam, they popped one by one down that seam and let the plates of steel separate and the water poured in.  Here is my analogy people.  Here is the clarion call of the hour in these here United States of America. Are we the people individually going to hold our seam together, our little difference, or are we inferior grade rivets who will let go, cower, give in, toss in the towel, say I don't make enough difference to matter?  The masses of our country who know right from wrong need to do everything in their power to turn this country around or I guarantee our children and grand children will serve a dictator!  You mark my word!  I'm not a prophet nor the son of a prophet.  I'm not going to stand by and let our un-godly president Barrak Obama or any of our elected officials cram any ungodly minority mandate down my throat.

The USA is going to hell step by step by step.  When the majority become immoral, it's over.  Apathy and ignorance by rivets that are missing from their post is the friend of the ungodly.  The majority of people in this country are against abortion yet the minority get it their way and we have killed over 50 million of our own.  That is as pagan as Baal worship in the Old Testament.  We tolerate Judicial tyranny where judges have quit doing their job of enforcing law and now legislate from the bench.  The whole Supreme court ought to be fired for being cowards.  Our public schools were developed to teach people to read the Bible, which was a text book then, but now holds less esteem than the Koran or the book on Evolution.  The Department of Education is so far off task they should be eliminated.  That would save our federal budget a lot of money.  And our public schools should be closed also.  That would save our states a lot of money.  Christians are paying taxes for public schools but moms stay home and home school because they don't want the ungodly lifestyles and information stealing their children to serve the the lusts of the flesh the world endorses wholeheartedly.  They repealed Don't ask don't tell in the military.  Now, "President Obama has ordered his administration to stop defending the constitutionality of a federal law that bans recognition of gay marriage,"  Norfolk Daily News, Friday, February 25, 2011,  New York (AP).  May God have mercy on the United States of America and give us  Godly leaders that have Biblical convictions and aren't cowards.

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